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"MonacoTech is a meeting, exchange, flourishing place, a place of innovation, imbued with the DNA of Monaco where projects aggregate, live, develop and spread, it is an ecosystem, a planet, a universe..."

What’s included?

Incubator Program

For entrepreneurs and innovative project holders in the process of creating their company.

Desk price: 150€ / month
Accelerator Program

For existing startups to increase their international presence and boost their growth.

Desk price: 300€ / month
 MonacoLab Try out our Tech
Validation Fast Track !

Deploying, testing and validating technologies at large scale can be a struggle. Getting the proper authorization and clearance will take several months or even years.

Through the MonacoLab program, a tech validation fast track, innovative partners will have their proposal green-lighted promptly. MonacoLab Program is included in the incubator and accelerator program.

Startup Selection Criteria


Skills & Complementarity
Entrepreneur mindset
Life project in Monaco


Minimum value proposition
First tech results or POC
Business model / Roadmap


Promising idea
Innovation in any sector
Desire to implant in Monaco