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Tap into innovation, new trends and technologies through promising startups that have chosen one of the most stable socio-economical environments to launch and scale their projects.

Whether you are looking to expand/diversify your current portfolio, enter a new industry, help solve global issues, make a social-impact investment, or be presented with an exclusive opportunity, we connect you with new technology and high-potential growth startups.

Some Figures

In 3 years of existence:

• more than 30 startups selected since the beginning of the program
• over 100 million euros of estimated value
• more than 15 million euros raised in funding for the 15 startups currently nested at MonacoTech

Pre-qualified startups

As the national incubator of Monaco, we make sure that the startups that join us –from seed-stage to Serie A/Bs– answer high-standard prerequisites:

• Mindset: the startups’ teams are well-balanced, dedicated, highly committed and wedded to the “why” of their business. Expect to meet passionate and hardworking entrepreneurs.

• Industry expertise: founders and team members have a solid background in the industry they are entering or operating in. Some of the startups are already backed by industry titans or renowned entities.

• Secret ingredient & potential: the startups we select demonstrate to have “unfair advantages” that (will) allow them to win their market.

• Innovative thinking: whether it is to test, implement, change or pivot, they show critical and creative thinking in developing their projects and ideas.

• Opportunity: most startups have a prototype to present or a product they are already commercializing. They can thus also demonstrate to have some early traction.

• Trust & reputation: our startups echo the Monaco’s “seal of excellence”. Their activities also align with the Principality’s values and strategies.

• Ethics: they perform their activities in an ethical manner and share our code of conduct.

• Transparency & liability: we have an in-depth selection process and policy by which we make all the necessary legal checks prior to every startup’s onboarding.

A diversified portfolio of Industries & Tech verticals

The startups that are presently incubated at MonacoTech operate in sectors that are both opportune and beneficial to Monaco’s economy, strategy and ecosystem.

• AI & Digital: Adlive
• AI & Building Information Modelling: ONHYS
• Apps: Skydeals, Youstock
• BioTech: Coraliotech
• GreenTech/Energy: FGWRS, OGHJI, TEALE, O’SOL
• FinTech: KeeSystem
• MedTech: Surgisafe, Novetech Surgery
• Yachting: Laneva, Suncy Concept, YachtNeeds

Contact us

Should you wish to have some more detailed information or discuss a potential investment opportunity, feel free to get in touch by filling in the following form. Rest assured that the information you will have shared will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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