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Do you offer individualized solutions for startups? Can your service enhance their existing capabilities? Can you help them reach their heights?

We know that, sometimes, startups face problems that can’t be solved internally and need to involve external services. We are thus always looking for consultants and professional service providers that can help our startups put into practice their ideas, address strategic challenges, solve specific tasks and further develop their products.

In other words, we want our startups to benefit from effective support along their journey, in such a way that they can:

Access cost-effective, reliable and more efficient tools & solutions that can be a timesaver
Tap into effective and specific industry-related resources
Have the ability to fill in-house talent gaps
Avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls
Eliminate hypothesis and learning curves, while making the right decisions from the beginning
Have the possibility to engage with business providers in a flexible manner, when they need to and at the most reasonable rate

In return, our collaborators get to be introduced to a community of talented founders and teams who are shifting the future of their industry.

Startups' Profile

The startups that are presently incubated at MonacoTech operate in different industries and tech verticals.

• AI & Digital: Adlive
• AI & Building Information Modelling: ONHYS
• Apps: Skydeals, Youstock
• BioTech: Coraliotech
• GreenTech/Energy: FGWRS, OGHJI, TEALE, O’SOL
• FinTech: KeeSystem
• MedTech: Surgisafe, Novetech Surgery
• Yachting: Laneva, Suncy Concept, YachtNeeds

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