Air-Ion Technologies is an aeronautics company, developing innovative civil and military helicopters and drones powered by hybrid and electrical motors. The company focuses on new applications for hybrid/electrical technology dedicated to power civil and military helicopters, with further developments as air-taxi drones.

Gérard Gilles

Gérard Gilles


Deep passion for mechanics, started industrial career as young engineer. He resigned  after 7 years to pursue his entrepreneurship goals. He is a serial start-upper in the field of Microelectronics, complying with the most tighten specs requirements. Long term passion for aerospace and helicopters he got the vision of electrical powering Helicopters to get fully reliable, safer as well Sustainable flying machines dedicated  to  further fast booming  market of  Future Vertical Urban Mobility . He  built a team of international Specialists/Partners  and registered AIR ION Technologies SA.