Transforming business models in the digital era


2021-01-20 12:30:00





digital era conference IUM

IUM, our partner, organize a conference with Denis Jacquet, founder of DayOne Mouvement

Topic: “Transforming business models in the digital era: what have been the concrete impact of Covid 19 on businesses”

Denis launched his first company at the age of 27. He made a success of it. He became a pioneer of the e-learning market. International development has been the key factor for EduFactory’s success : one of the only French training companies with a presence in more than eight countries. Recently Denis and G.Leclercq launched the Uberization Observatory, a “Think and Do” Tank aimed at analyzing the impact of this tsunami at every level of our societies. The objective is to think instead of catching up with the crazy pace the digital is setting. He is also the author or 2 acclaimed books : «Uberization un ennemi qui vous veut du bien» and «Why your next Boss will be Chinese».

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