Cybersecurity Conference


2018-02-01 09:30:00





Annabel Roubiscoul and Guillaume de Drouas will give a conference on cybersecurity, looking at issues such as:

  • The emergence of cyber-risks as a major new risk for businesses (figures, latest developments, typical hacker profiles, awareness, etc.).
  • Consequences/ impacts of cyber-attacks – discussion of startups’ possible experiences.
  • Presentation of our cyber-insurance offering with a brief description of the guarantees provided.
  • Case study of cyber-attacks with crisis management provided by cyber-insurance.
  • Discussion of fraud issues (case studies / risks / solutions).
  • Focus on some misconceptions about security.
  • Information on the European Regulation (GDPR) applicable to startups from May 2018, particularly as regards the personal data they hold.
  • The benefits of ensuring proper cyber-security starting with the design and development of applications, technologies, etc.

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