Innovative grey water recycling systems

FGWRS provides efficient grey water recycling systems to medium-size companies, hotels and individuals. It preserves drinkable water resources by recycling up to 80% of grey waters in toilet flush, showers, sinks, washing machines… but also recover their energy. The FGWRS technology is based up on spatial research and backed up by 15 years of field application at the Antarctic Research Station Concordia, without any health or technical accident. FGWRS recently enabled to save 23m3 of drinkable water in the Jean Bouin training center of the 2020 Roland Garros Tennis Open.

Pierre Magnes

Pierre Magnes


Actively engaged in a process of protecting the resources of our planet. Doctor in Ecotoxicology from the University of Toulouse, his ambition is to provide geographic areas with high water stress, an innovative and reliable solution for recycling gray water from collective buildings and individual houses. Using quality water from recycling gray water and no longer drinking water which is increasingly scarce: this is the mission of the company and its teams.