Lionel Galfré: “The geo-socio-economic environment is a great advantage for MonacoTech”

Lionel Galfré, Director of the Institut Monégasque de la Statistique et des Études Économiques (IMSEE) since its creation in 2011, then joined the Délégation Interministérielle chargée de la Transition Numérique (DITN). Now the new Director of MonacoTech, he looks forward to his mission with great enthusiasm.

The incubator now houses 15 companies, how are they selected?

Selection takes place in three phases, following calls for projects. The first phase is a skimming phase, interviews, and finally the final choice is made by a jury of eight people, in front of whom the candidates have ten minutes to present their project. Companies are accepted for three months, renewable without limit. There is no sector selectivity in our choices, we approve ideas. Since the creation of MonacoTech in September 2017, more than 25 startups have been welcomed, we have gained experience on the type of companies we wish to host.

Do you know why they are applying in the Principality?

This is clearly the strength of attraction of the Monaco brand.  Of course, they are interested in the support programme, but it’s Monaco that appeals to them.
I would nevertheless like to point out that since the creation of MonacoTech in September 2017, more than 25 startups have been hosted, and 15 are still present. The value of these is estimated at over 100 million euros, and they have generated the creation of 60 jobs. This success may also encourage people to apply.

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