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Startup program

At MonacoTech, we help growth-seeking startups build internationally successful businesses in Monaco.

We foster the startup mindset.

We roll as a big team: we root for our startups and rejoice in their every achievement! Succeeding in the entrepreneurial adventure requires a state of mind that we value, encourage and expect from the founders and teams who join us: accountability, implementation, collaboration, customer-centricity, data-driven decisions and results-oriented thinking. Conversely, we set them in motion by ensuring that they have access to the best resources, experts’ advice, and to Monaco’s international business ecosystem.

program features

Selection process & criteria

A three-stage selection process starting with the call for applications:


Application form via our website


20 minute online interview (Skype..)


Presentation to a jury in Monaco

Applications are evaluated according to three main criteria:


The innovative nature and the feasibility of the project, as well as its capacity for growth.


Complementarity, state of mind, participation to MonacoTech community life.


The coherence between the project and Monaco’s economic activity; why choosing Monaco?

Our network of experts


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