5 new startups have been selected to join monacotech

5 new startups are joining monacotech

In search for trailblazing and high-potential, social impact projects, MonacoTech organized its 5th call for projects.

Out of the 38 applicants, representing 13 nationalities, 5 new startups have been chosen to onboard MonacoTech’s program.

MonacoTech unveils the selected projects:

1/ Air Ion : a business specialized in designing RUAVs and 100% electric air taxi

2/ Carlo : a mobile app born in Monaco that promotes and reinvents local shopping

3/ Mea Plant : a pioneering solution that makes aboveground cultivation and vertical agriculture more efficient and sustainable thanks to a non-absorbent substrate.

4/ PKS : a RegTech project that intends to create ad hoc solutions allowing different entities to comply with the laws applicable to a specific activity

5/ Vizua 3D Entertainment : takes augmented reality a step further with its high-performance cloud platform delivering powerful 3D contents

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The new startups will integrate our premises as of August 2020.






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