MonacoTech is a human adventure

Fabrice Marquet, Managing Director of MonacoTech, the centre of excellence for startups, talks to Monaco Economie about his plans for this original and unique programme, which is the embodiment of the Principality’s future economic landscape.

It’s just over a year since the creation of MonacoTech and it seems to be going very well. How have these first few months of activity been for you?
Our aim is to contribute to the development the second leg of Monaco’s business model which is value creation from within its borders. We started with a blank page and we were inspired by the values that HSH Prince Albert II stands for. It was a wonderful opportunity to create a tailor-made vision for the benefit of the Principality. We are lucky enough to have the support of the Prince’s Government, first and foremost thanks to Jean Castellini, President of MonacoTech. I would like to thank him for trusting us to create an ambitious model with long-term goals. With the help of Monaco Telecom, we had to
build a team which collectively defined the culture and the model that we wanted to develop for MonacoTech.

The full article is available in Monaco Economie  (number 110).

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