Starting time for 5 new startups!

At the end of the application call, launched in February 2019, and after the various stages of selection, there are 5 new innovative companies that will integrate MonacoTech on Tuesday, May 28th.

Before their integration, MonacoTech unveils the 5 selected projects:


  • FGWRS, innovative processes for recycling grey water!

FGWRS is developing a controlled grey water recycling process to enable us to better control our drinking water resources. Their technology is the result of research work for the European Space Agency (ESA) carried out by FIRMUS France. It has been in operation since 2005 at the Concordia Franco-Italian Antarctic station andbeen used by more than 1,200 users.


  • Suncy concept, the 100% solar powered boating solutions

Suncy Concept has developed 100% solar powered boating solutions providing efficient solutions to cities for final users. Suncy concept provides 100% solar powered catamarans, using a real free renewable energy. The full concept provides integrated solutions to outsource operational business processes needed by Resorts, Harbor, Cities and all operators.


  •  Oghji, the smart electrical switchboard whose innovation benefits ecology!

The goal of Oghji is to develop a new generation of electrical switchboards that bring flexibility, comfort and savings. They interact with the consumer by providing him with all relevant information to manage his installation and save energy.


  • oneM, the return on investment into a retirement package!

oneM is  an insuretech startup that has developed an innovative cashback system combined with a unique pension insurance. Users save money for their retirement without changing their daily spending and purchasing habits online.


  • Adlive, the simple and effective SaaS platform to manage and sell web & mobile advertising space!

Adlive is the first SaaS-based transactional social network that allows digital media buyers and sellers of digital ad space to optimize their advertising and save money through AI & automation and a disintermediated model without commissions, connect directly & efficiently to each other and enjoy sophisticated digital media trading services. Adlive builds artificial intelligence to help digital media buyers & sellers find each other and execute transactions.

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