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Novetech Surgery

Innovative Surgery for Veterinarians

NOVETECH SURGERY ™ provides to the veterinarians a range of medical implants and equipment for orthopedic surgery based on years of experience. Thought to be minimally invasive, our innovative solutions come from the human medicine and are specifically adapted to the veterinarians’ needs.

As an orthopaedic laboratory with strong customer orientation, NOVETECH SURGERY & its members are always keen listeners and keep an open-mind to other opinions and ideas. That enables us to develop ourselves with learning, and we work hard to turn insights into innovative solutions.

Determined, we show high engagement into the achievement of challenges, and we do fulfil ourselves in the concretisation of results. Highly motivated by the meaning of our actions, we demonstrate passion & respect into the collaboration with our stakeholders, as we know that the success of others implement our success.