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Monaco, a unique location to create and develop your Business!

With an eco-sustainable economic model, Monaco enjoys all the advantages of a prosperous state that has been financially and politically stable for over 700 years.



GDP growth

economical sectors

Innovation Pole by Xavier Niel

MonacoTech, a start-up incubator on the Rock, is a project jointly supported by Xavier Niel, the government of the Principality, and Monaco’s telecoms operator, Monaco Telecom.

Strategic location

Ideally situated: at the gateway to Europe and the crossroads of Asia and Africa.

International showcase

  • For over 150 years, the Principality has enjoyed a reputation, of course, for its unique location, but most of all for its high level expertise in a broad range of fields.
  • People of more than 120 nationalities can be found in Monaco, making it truly a window on the world.
  • Monaco also hosts numerous cultural and sporting events, on a level with the largest cities in the world.

Dynamic economy

  • Around 5400 companies are located in Monaco. That represents more than 50000 jobs. It is the most dynamic source of employment in Southern Europe.
  • Its economy is highly diversified. The GDP is generated by more than 10 different sectors.

Most importantly, Monaco is one of the fastest growing economy, averaging a good 5% per year. Its GDP per capita is among the highest in the world, right behind Qatar and Luxembourg.

Strong transport network

  • Highly accessible destination linked to France and the rest of Europe: Nice-Côte-d'Azur airport 22 km away (direct access by helicopter).
  • Easy access via any other means of transport: air, see, road, rail.