MEDTECH. InnoDeep: better cancer detection thanks to 3D imaging

Mustapha Hamdi, founder of the start-up, presents InnoDeep, one of the three companies in the medical field that have just joined MonacoTech.

In the first of a series of articles on start-ups who have recently joined MonacoTech’s MedTech section, we focus on InnoDeep. The company, created by Mustapha Hamdi, enables a more accurate diagnosis of cancers thanks to three-dimensional reconstruction. InnoDeep’s founder tells us more about a company that is revolutionising the medical world.

Tell us about InnoDeep


The idea of setting up a remote diagnostic platform dates back to the first wave of Covid-19. At the time, several thousand CT Scan images had to be processed per day and per region. We came up with the idea of creating a cloud-based platform where the medical profession could read and analyse images using artificial intelligence, and detect possible lung lesions.


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