MonacoTech is a human-sized, flexible and selective startup incubator that propels innovation in Monaco. We help innovative, high-growth potential and social impact projects take off, gain traction, scale and get established in the Principality. We provide a thriving, community-oriented and trustful environment for ambitious, game-changing startups that are redefining their industry through new business models and emerging technologies.

We advocate the pioneers & go-getters

We believe that ground-breaking ideas deserve a place in Monaco where they can take shape and grow, while benefiting from a unique ecosystem. We believe in startups that want to shift the future with grit, passion and determination. We support the visionary risk-takers who are not afraid to change the framework and who are ready to play an active role in our economy, here and abroad.

We are pro-entrepreneurs

  • We offer a personalized program that is adapted to the startup’s development stage, whether it is early stage, product market fit or scaling ;
  • We connect founders with experts, service providers, investors as well as with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs ;
  • We do not take equity from startups ;
  • The incubation period varies according to the startup’s requirements ;
  • We provide assistance on administrative matters.

We are geared towards value & growth

We uncompromisingly work towards the meaningful success of our startups: we care about ideas that aim at serving society’s ethical, common and global interests. To help startups prosper, we team up with top-notch collaborators who share our same vision, mindset and values. In turn, our partners get to keep up with emerging technologies and trends, and to work with promising companies.
We showcase
impact-driven projects
Our current cohort of founders operates in a wide range of verticals, from AI, to MedTech, GreenTech and Yachting. Concerned by sustainability and social responsibility, they use technology to solve societal, health and environmental issues. Those startups represent an opportunity for impact investments in Monaco. Check out who they are.
GreenTech / Energy
what sets us appart
  • We are in Monaco, and 2 sq. km of surface area means: unparalleled networking opportunities, the ability to develop quickly a strong network of professional relationships, the possibility to be introduced to key people and targeted economic clusters, and potentially reach more easily your audience and clients.
  • We are a human-sized community. We personally engage with and become the fervent supporter of each and every founder’s project.
  • We have 5G through our co-founder Monaco Telecom.
  • Our 800sq meter of ultramodern and well-equipped working spaces have specially been designed to meet startups’ needs. They offer utmost conditions to founders and their teams who can concentrate on skyrocketing their projects.