Questions / Answers

Please find below all the questions you may have related to MonacoTech.

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How much does it cost to remain in MonacoTech ?

Participation costs to the program is a monthly fee of €300 per desk.

What are the criteria for applicants ?
  • Have an innovative project with a first prototype
  • Have a team of entrepreneurs already established
  • Have the desire to actively participate in our program and be present in our premises
  • Have the project to establish its structure and develop its activity in Monaco.


How many desks can be shared by a project?

A desk will be assigned to the “project leader”, and additional desks are made available for team members.

Does the company’s registered office need to be in Monaco ?

No. In fact, some companies are not even registered when they arrive. However, within 18 months a structure must be created in Monaco. MonacoTech will assist you for this.

Are there privileged sectors of activity to integrate the program?

Yes, MonacoTech is attentive to projects that operate in the following domains:

  • Yachting
  • Cleantech and Greentech
  • Biotech and Medtech
  • Digital Apps and AI
  • Fintech
What are the main selection criteria ?

– The innovative nature of the project
– The economic vialbility of the proposal
– The scalabitlity of the model
– The team’s ability to challenge and question themselves
– The strong desire to etablish a project in the Principality of Monaco

What about the rules inside the incubator ?

MonacoTech is above all a human adventure :

  • Project leaders must be on site and actively participate in the MonacoTech Startup program.
  • Experience exchange, entrepreneurship, respect of rules, and interest are shared practices.
  • Respect for teams, premises and equipment is fundamentals for the proper functioning of MonacoTech and the good development of projects.
  • Respect for commitments signed.
How long can I stay at MonacoTech ? How long is the incubation period ?

Our program contain  :

  • An integration period including 6 weeks of coaching that is aimed to reach a “go to market” path (during the first three months).

  • Then 15 months to consolidate the project and create a society in Monaco.
    After 18 months, projects will become alumni, but can still rent a desk.

    Every 6 months, a jury review will evaluate the progress of the startups.

What added value does MonacoTech provide thanks to its location ?

We are in a territory that has a strategic geographical position, in the center of Europe and that is composed of a very international population :

  • Networking opportunities
  • The ability to develop a solid professional network rapidly
  • The possibility to meet key people and targeted economic centers and potentially reach a public and customers.
  • We are a human sized community. We are actively involved with each startup that benefits from a tailor-made program and support.
  • Monaco is full covered by 5G since July 2019 thanks to Monaco Telecom.
  • Our 800 meters square of space have been specially designed to meet startups needs. They offer optimal conditions to the founders and their teams who can focus on the development of their projects.

What does the program include?

Our program expert organizes individual working sessions and provides assistance and advice for the development of the projects. Projects benefit for a period of 18 moths from a special status allowing them to carry out their activity. Every week external experts intervene on different thematic (entrepreneurship, digital, human resources, cyber security, marketing, communication, industrial property, business creation, financing…) We have made partnership with other incubators that make possible to create and develop contacts abroad.

Does Monacotech provide a support concerning administrative formalities ?

Absolutely, MonacoTech is a part of an ecosystem that is used to help startups in their administratives procedures.

When do the calls for projects take place?

Calls for projects generally take place once or twice a year.

  • 2020: March-April
  • 2021: April (March 29 to April 26)
  • 2021 : October (September 27 to October 25)
What are the opening times of the incubator ?

The incubator is open on Monday to Friday From 8 :30 AM to 12 :15PM and from 1 :45 PM to 5 :30 PM for visitors but startups have 24/7 access to the premises.

How to reach MonacoTech ?

Ideally located in Monaco’s Fontvieille area, MonacoTech is easily accessible by car, bus or train. There are two car parks within 200 meters of the premises, the Stade Louis-II and Saint Antoine. Bus n°100 originating from Menton or Nice stops at Places d’Armes, which is just five minutes’ walk from the incubator.
Monaco train station is about a ten minutes’ walk away.