founder stories #1

by Neos Chronos


march – april 2023

 Topic: Meeting with serial entrepreneurs

As part of our program, our latest recruits have had the opportunity to virtually meet several successful entrepreneurs.

The objective? To share their knowledge and address the issues that every entrepreneur encounters throughout his adventure.

Thanks to the speakers:

Alexandros Tanti, CEO and Founder of Racecheck, an evaluation platform for endurance sports events worldwide.

Michail Bletsas, Director of Computing and Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab, a research laboratory of the famous Massachusetts Institute of technology.

Chandralika Hazarika, founder of Bigthinx, an artificial intelligence company that designs software for online fashion sales.

Vasilis Stenos, founder of Solmeyea, a hybrid AgriBiotech company that produces “carbon neutral” protein isolates and plant-based oils.


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