artificial intelligence and 3D printing

Infineis has developed a medical device, adapted to each patient that simplifies and secures intracranial surgeries. The system has great potential in humans for the treatment of brain tumors and, among other things, the treatment of deafness. The device is also applicable to veterinary surgery.

Steeve Chantrel

Steeve Chantrel


Naturally curious and passionate, Steeve has been working in health technologies since 2004. It was through his doctorate that this Franco-Canadian specialized in medical imaging. He then pursued his career in research and innovation in the world of the Med-Tech industry. The desire to go further in the realization of ever more innovative projects and obtaining a master’s degree at HEC Paris naturally led him to entrepreneurship and the creation of the start-up INFINEIS. This project was born from the desire to provide simple and concrete solutions to major health problems. Thanks to imaging, AI and 3D printing INFINEIS ensure access to the safest care and fight against medical deserts.