Sea further

bio-doped nanomaterials



Sea Further is specialized in the development and production of unique biologically enhanced (doped) graphene. We designed an innovative biological method applicable in the most common sectors like hydrogen fuel cells, supercapacitors, semiconductors.

Valentino Iakimov

Valentino Iakimov

Founder & CEO

After a two years preparation course for Engineering College (classe préparatoire scientifique) at Stanislas, Cannes, Valentino studied medical biotechnologies in Paris and quickly started to work on what would become the Sea Further’s flagship technology. At the end of his formative years, he filed a patent application for a biological process capable of enhancing certain chemical properties of graphene, to make it much more active in energy systems. Since February 2020, he leads Sea Further and follow his ambition to become the first eco-friendly actor in the industry of nanomaterials.