suncy concept

The 100% solar powered catamaran

SUNCY Concept has developed an unique experience : Electro-solar navigation in full autonomy, silent – Easy, accessible to all,  without license – Respecting and protecting the environment. The full concept provides integrated solutions to outsource operational business processes needed by Resorts, Harbor, Cities and all operators (reservation interface dedicated, to manage all the steps from the booking of the fleet, to schedules of availability, contracts, statistics…).

Philippe Marengo

Philippe Marengo


Project manager in charge of the design and construction of luxury infrastructures in the fields of tourism and international luxury hotels, Philippe developed with his team the Suncy Concept nautical program. The Monegasque company designs, manufactures and distributes high-end solar catamarans, intended to revolutionize the approach to uses at sea. Suncy ecological boats only use the sun as a source of electrical energy. The ambition of Suncy Concept is to position the Principality of Monaco as a world leader in new yachting, which must be irreproachable in terms of protecting our environment.